Need a fun relief during your work zoom meetings? Invite one of our reindeer to join to provide some entertainment relief! Or even an ice breaker to open your meeting! The possibilities are endless! Let us know and we will be there!

A real, live Reindeer ZoomRoom virtual business meeting experience is a great way to brighten your weekly team meetings and company happy hours! Our Reindeer host will join your meeting link, do a quick introduction of your reindeer guest here in Alaska if you’d like or just hangout so you can observe the baby reindeer. If you choose to interact please feel free to ask your Reindeer host questions! You send us your meeting link and we’ll call in to bring some smiles to your co-workers faces! During booking please let us know if you want our appearance to be interactive or just a visual!

Unlimited guests are allowed on any Reindeer ZoomRoom virtual meeting!

Please send us a message to schdule today! 

*Booking a Reindeer ZoomRoom Meeting provides 1 school classroom a free 10 minute Virtual Reindeer Meet and Greet!!! It can be a classroom or your choosing (provided the school/teacher is willing) or we will choose from your waiting list of classrooms!

Schedule a Booking Through Calendly