11 Aug

What is new with Alaska Reindeer ZoomRoom? We have decided to design, make, and sell Reindeer Box Kits!!! These kits will have special reindeer items! The boxes that are currently being shipped to us were designed specifically for Alaska Reindeer ZoomRoom and once we get them we will show them to you! Inside these boxes will be a special reindeer Bell from a reindeer sleigh harness, Reindeer Food to attract Santa's reindeer to your house on Christmas Eve, Reindeer Necklace, Personal Reindeer Note, Birch wood ornament, and a few other items! Right now we are making the reindeer feed up for the boxes! Don’t worry, all the “reindeer food” is actual human grade food and will not harm animals when put outside. This is not for human consumption, pet food only! We can’t wait to put these on the website so you can begin to order yours early! We will have a limited number available, so don’t wait once they become available!

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