09 Dec

We have certainly been busy since the 1st of December for our 2021 Holiday Season! We are so happy to be back and bringing smiles to new faces this year. We have definitely grown this year! We have more reindeer, more lights, more available options and more fun! 

We are off to such a great start that we have already accumulated 4 free classroom zoom room give aways! How awesome is that for the kids! Next week the reindeer will get to join 4 classrooms around the world!

We have already been invited to zoom calls for 5 different countries this holiday season! It looks like we are going to have to get a world map and post all the countries we have had the opportunity to zoom into! This is the real meaning behind Reindeer Zoom Room, bringing people together with a common interest, our lovable reindeer! 

We have having such a lovely time meeting everyone, we look forward to meeting even more people in the next few weeks!

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