08 Nov

We are all hands on deck right now prepping to help make this holiday season enjoyable for everyone! Since we are in Alaska our temperatures have been hovering around the freezing mark. Last night we dipped into the teens, signaling the true beginning of freeze up here in South Central Alaska! 

We are busy setting up our holiday display location for our Zoom Room Calls!!! We are also getting lights up and ready. I know this seems a little early for most people, but when you live in Alaska the sooner the better! Once it begins freeze and the snow sticks around, it gets pretty hard to get things ready! 

We have a lot of Reindeer Hot Chocolate Events on the schedule to participate in. Each Hot Chocolate event has a specific theme, so feel free to attend them all!! 

As usual, we have our Private, Work, and School sessions available to be scheduled. We are already beginning to book sessions, so if you have a specific date and time please book now!!! If for some reason, a date or time is not available, please send an email and we will see what we can do. Most times we can accommodate them!! 


We look forward to meeting new faces and saying hi to returning faces!!! Happy Holiday Season!

Click HERE to view our available Calendly dates for Reindeer Hot Chocolate Events

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